About C2 VETTE

C2 VETTE was a dream of the owner, Randy Johnson, for many, many years.  Randy has been building custom one-off cars for 40 years, some of the top customs in the world.  He also built the first “true” Resto-Mods in the world in 2008-2009, a 1956 Chevy Sedan, which holds over 400 trophies to date.  He has built many one-off parts over the years for all those custom cars and has always wanted to re-produce the parts for the masses to install on their car at a fraction of the price it takes to design and build the custom pieces as one piece. This is where C2 Vette comes in.

Randy has taken the last 2 years to design each one-off (and in some cases patented) parts to then reproduce for everyone to enjoy.  Each piece had to be made by hand, fabricated, English wheeled, welded, body worked, and painted.  Then each piece had to have a mold made from each plug (finished and fitted part) so we can reproduce each part in fiberglass by the hundreds, all being the same size and quality. We did this for every part we have now and many more to come.

All C2 VETTE parts are designed to be installed with the least amount of effort.  Our parts are easily installed and removed with little effort in the case you want to restore your custom C2 Corvette back to full original.  Our pieces are also designed to be bonded directly on to your C2 Corvette as a permanent part of your C2.  Our parts are all on our YouTube channel for easy to follow videos of the installation.

Our future goal is to produce even more C2 parts, as well as C1 and other collectible car options.

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