C2 VETTE LS3 Engine Cover - Custom Fiberglass

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C2 VETTE LS3 Engine Cover - Custom Fiberglass

Our fiberglass engine cover has been custom designed and fabricated specifically for the LS3 engine
  • It is fully customizable to fit your own needs and match the style and design of your vehicle
  • This engine cover is built to easily snap on and off of the LS3 fuel rails
  • Clips and hardware are included

Size and Weight

LS3 Engine Cover - Fiberglass

  • Length:     24" inches (tip to bottom)
  • Width:      25.5" inches (side to side)
  • Height:     6" inches (Laying on flat surface, flat surface edge to top edge)
  • Weight:     5 pounds
  • Measurements and weight are approximate

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Take a look at our completed engine cover project photos for ideas!

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