C2 Vette

C2 VETTE Center Console


C2 VETTE Center Console - FiberglassOur fiberglass Center Console is a nice addition to your now new C2 Double Din Dash.  Our center console is manufactured to begin with the same width ..

C2 VETTE Console Knee Pad...


COMING SOON!!C2 VETTE Console Knee Pads are mounted to the side of your new Double Din Dash at the intersection where the console and dash come together.  This not only adds a nice look..

C2 VETTE Custom Blank Gau...


COMING SOON!!C2 VETTE Custom Blank Gauge Panel is simply that, made from .120 5052 aluminum, and left blank for you to customize as you wish.No boundaries to follow, do as you wish. C2 Corvette C..

C2 VETTE Custom Blank Glo...


COMING SOON!!C2 VETTE Custom Blank Glove Box Door is simply that, made of .120 5052 aluminum, and left blank to add, or paint as you wish with no boundaries. C2 VETTE Custom Blank Glove Box ..

C2 VETTE Double Din C2 Co...


C2 VETTE Patented Double Din C2 Complete Dash - FiberglassOur specially designed fiberglass dash provides you with the ability to design your own custom dash and console for your C2 Corvette.Simply un..

C2 VETTE - Kick Panels wi...


C2 VETTE - Kick Panels with A/C Vent MountOur fiberglass Kick Panels, hand crafted for your C2 Corvette are multi-purpose.  They can either hold the vents for your A/C & Heating system or t..

C2 VETTE - Storage Lid In...


C2 VETTE - Storage Lid Interior - FiberglassThis redesigned fiberglass Storage Lid provides approximately 5-sq ft of storage behind the Corvette seats under the lid deck.  You can utili..

C2 VETTE Center Wire Chas...


C2 VETTE Center Wire Chase - FiberglassOur C2 Vette fiberglass Center Wire Chase Trough mounts inside the rear storage compartment allowing wiring to be run safely through the vehicle eliminating bein..

C2 VETTE Front Spoiler


C2 VETTE Front Spoiler Our fiberglass C2 Vette Front Spoiler has been custom designed and fabricated to fit every year of the C2.  Because every C2 Corvette body is just a little different in s..

C2 VETTE LS3 Engine Cover...


C2 VETTE LS3 Engine Cover - Custom FiberglassOur fiberglass engine cover has been custom designed and fabricated specifically for the LS3 engineIt is fully customizable to fit your own needs and match..

C2 VETTE Plain Door Panel...


C2 VETTE Plain Door Panels - FiberglassOur C2 Vette Door Panels are molded to the full shape and curvature of the C2 Vette door and are fiberglass so they will never need to be replaced like the s..

C2 VETTE Rear Deck Spoile...


C2 VETTE Rear Deck Spoiler - FiberglassOur fiberglass C2 Vette Rear Deck Spoiler adds that full custom look and feel to your C2 and it is fully functional.Easily mounts and bolts to the rear..

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